Why I Do It

By far my favorite email in the HR Dave inbox right now comes from the reader who inspired my overqualified post. She writes:

Hi Dave,

Overqualified [name witheld] here–just wanted to give you the fantastic heads up that after following your advice and drilling in my willingness to do administrative duties beyond any level of reason, I very promptly landed a full time EA position at [a great National magazine]! I wouldn’t have thought that downplaying my experience and accentuating the opposite would be the key to finding success–thank you so much for your help and feedback. I can’t tell you what a difference it made and how much I appreciate it! This is something I’ve been working to achieve for over two years, despite constantly hearing the same things, so there’s no question your input made a big difference.

Thanks again!

It absolutely warms my heart to see someone’s hard work pay off like this. Kudos to you, and congratulations on a well earned victory!


3 thoughts on “Why I Do It

  1. Great news! I wondering Dave if you can re-post your advice on this. I’m curious to know your thoughts and and could use some insights!
    Thank you so much!

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