What Can (Should?) Your Employer Do for You?

I’ve been there; you’ve been there. You’re eager (bordering on desperate?) to land a new job. Maybe you’re unemployed, or maybe you just really want to get out of your current role. Regardless of the reason, you’re laser-focused on what you need to do to land your next gig. You find yourself thinking of every … Continue reading What Can (Should?) Your Employer Do for You?

How Pushy Should My Thank-You Note Be?

A reader writes: I interviewed for a job with a company I used to work for. I know many people still at the company & am friends with the VP who interviewed me. Yesterday she emailed saying I did not have the typical experience that they’re looking for and thus the higher-ups in corporate would not accept … Continue reading How Pushy Should My Thank-You Note Be?

The Player-Coach Phenomenon

When reading job descriptions, I’m sure you’ve come across the term “player-coach” more than once. It’s a designation that employers use for positions that have management authority but are also expected to get their hands dirty on some day-to-day work. Seems reasonable, right? Especially when you’re talking about the junior-management levels where employees are in … Continue reading The Player-Coach Phenomenon

More Ways to Not Be an Idiot

I recently read an article by Jennifer King of Software Advice (which I am in no way affiliated with nor endorsing) entitled (in typical SEO optimized format) Job Seeker, Beware: 5 Ways You Could Damage your Reputation Online. The article isn’t breaking any new ground, as there are daily entries into the “don’t be an idiot” … Continue reading More Ways to Not Be an Idiot

Because a Gazillion Facebook Users Can’t Be Wrong

Hey folks! In the interest of creating a forum that's more conducive to conversation, I've decided to join the magical world of Facebook with the official HR Dave page. It's there for asking questions, sharing insight, and generally having a real dialogue about job search and careers. Check out the page at http://www.facebook.com/hrdave1. I hope … Continue reading Because a Gazillion Facebook Users Can’t Be Wrong

How to Stand Out (the Right Way) at a Job Fair

For years, I held onto the notion that job fairs were a complete waste of time for everyone involved. For job seekers it was a waste because you get to meet a bunch of companies that you probably don’t want to work for, and have to suffer through your “elevator pitch” and your whole dog-and-pony … Continue reading How to Stand Out (the Right Way) at a Job Fair

Why I Do It

By far my favorite email in the HR Dave inbox right now comes from the reader who inspired my overqualified post. She writes: Hi Dave, Overqualified [name witheld] here--just wanted to give you the fantastic heads up that after following your advice and drilling in my willingness to do administrative duties beyond any level of … Continue reading Why I Do It